Top 10 health technology hazards


23 Jan 2017

Infusion errors have been rated the top technology hazard worldwide, followed by inadequate cleaning of complex reusable instruments and missed ventilator alarms.

According to the report by the Emergency Care Research Institute, the top hazards are for the coming year are:

  1. Infusion errors can be deadly if simple safety steps are overlooked
  2. Inadequate cleaning of complex reusable instruments can lead to infections
  3. Missed ventilator alarms can lead to patient harm
  4. Undetected opioid-induced respiratory depression
  5. Infection risks with heater-cooler devices used in cardiothoracic surgery
  6. Software management gaps put patients and patient data at risk
  7. Occupational radiation hazards in hybrid operating rooms
  8. Automated dispensing cabinet setup and use errors may cause medication mishaps
  9. Surgical stapler misuse and malfunctions
  10. Device failures caused by cleaning products and practices.

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