Specialist colleges urged to support doctors’ march

7 Sep 2016

British GP Dr David Berger of Doctors4refugees has called specifically on Australian doctors to march for the humane treatment of asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

Writing in an editorial in The BMJ, Dr Berger said: “I say to all Australian doctors—young, old, the political, and the apolitical—that not just our ethical credibility as a profession but our shared humanity depends on this action.

Evidence based argument has failed. Your physical bodies are now needed, in their thousands, to proclaim a message of common decency. ”

“I call for the heads of all Australian medical organisations, including the AMA and the specialist colleges, to support this effort to bring the country to its humanitarian senses by speaking and marching alongside their colleagues in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities,” he added.

The march will take place on the 5 November in Sydney. You can find more information here.

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