Reprimanded docs can wipe the slate clean

Medical politics

By Tessa Hoffman

28 Sep 2017

Doctors slapped with a reprimand more than five years ago can apply to have the record removed from the public register from next week.

A reprimand is a chastisement for conduct or a formal rebuke imposed on a registered doctor by a tribunal or professional standards panel in a regulatory process.

Until now, reprimands have remained on the national register.

But from October 2, doctors can apply to have a record of the sanction removed once it has been there for five years, according to the Medical Board of Australia’s latest newsletter published on Thursday (September 28).

This is as long as no other ‘relevant event’ – such as a health, performance or conduct notification – occurred in the five-year period.

The Medical Board advises that the new rule also applies to the removal of reprimands imposed under previous legislation, which will be considered on an individual basis.

The policy will apply universally, with the new policy was approved by all the national boards governing the registered health professions.

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