Emojis for professional women

In Limbo

12 May 2016

There’s no denying the current state of the female emoji is woeful. For men there’s the choice of a male police officer, and a construction worker, but for women the choice is pretty much a pink princess or a bride. Thankfully, google have announced they are doing something about it:

“We believe we can have a larger positive impact by adding 13 new emoji that depict women across a representative sample of professions. We believe this will empower young women (the heaviest emoji users), and better reflect the pivotal roles women play in the world,” the company said in a document called Expanding emoji professions: reducing gender inequality.

Google employees were asked to pitch 13  new icons depicting career paths ranging from medicine to music, with an emphasis on jobs in STEM fields. Google says they may be a reality be the end of this year.


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