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In Limbo

12 Aug 2015

Londoners can now get drunk without letting a drop of alcohol past their lips.

Pop-up bar Alcoholic Architecture uses a humidifier to pump vapourised cocktails into an enclosed space.

The bar installation sits next to the UK’s earliest gothic cathedral and on the site of an ancient monastery. Hence its drinks lists is entirely comprised of spirits and beers created by monks: such as Chartreuse, Benedictine, and Trappist beer.

Guests are required to put on special protective suits before they enter the walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail, which is so potent that you only have to consume 60% of your normal measures to feel the same effect.

How anyone knows when they’ve consumed 60% of a Benedictine is beyond us.

Rest assured though, creators Bompas & Par have apparently worked with scientists to make sure they know how long it’s safe to stay in the cocktail cloud. Tickets allow an hour in the installation.

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