Trump’s risk for a cardiac event 7 times higher than Clinton’s


6 Oct 2016

Donald Trump has a moderate build up of atherosclerotic plaque in his coronary arteries and is at a seven-fold higher risk of a cardiac event compared to Hilary Clinton, a US cardiologist has claimed.

In his regular blog The Skeptical Cardiologist, otherwise known as Dr Anthony Pearson,  says his estimates are based on Trump’s coronary calcium score of 98 back in 2013.

“We know that, on average, even if you take a statin drug (Trump is taking rosuvastatin or Crestor), the calcium score goes up at least 10% per year which means that 3 years after that 98 score we would predict Trump’s calcium score to be around 120,” he wrote.

“Since we know that Hillary Clinton recently had a calcium scan with a score of zero, we can estimate that Trump’s risk of having a heart attack or dying from a cardiac event is markedly  higher than Clinton’s.”

Dr. Pearson is a non-interventional cardiologist at St. Lukes Hospital, Chesterfield, Missouri. You can read more of his Blog here. 


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