NPS MedicineWise program saves almost $400 million


14 Apr 2016

NPS MedicineWise has reported almost $400 million in PBS savings from its rational prescribing activities across seven therapeutic areas last year, an evaluation report shows.

The quality use of diagnostic programs delivered $11.60 million MBS savings from reduced expenditure on CT scans (MBS item number: 56223) and $21.45 million savings for reduced expenditure on vitamin D tests for the period (MBS item number 6608), the report showed.

Further savings came from programs specifically targeting prescribing of anticoagulants in stroke, PPIs, opioid use in chronic pain, antipsychotics, lipid-lowering agents and antidepressants, and the management of sleep disorders.

NPS MedicineWise was contracted by the Department of Health to deliver savings to the PBS. The savings requirement for the total contract period, 2010-2015, is $381.89 million, including the $69.28 million saved in 2015.

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