What will happen to your Facebook account when you die?

13 Feb 2015

It’s a morbid thought but what will happen to our Facebook accounts when we die? Most of us have had accounts for many years that no doubt contain lots of memories for our loved ones.

Until last week accounts could only be ‘memoralised’ and frozen but now Facebook has announced a policy that allows you to designate a “legacy contact”.

This person will be allowed to pin a post on your timeline — for example to announce the date and time of your funeral — but will not be permitted to respond to new friend requests, update your profile or archive posts and photos.

How to designate your legacy contact:

You can designate your legacy contact by going to “Security” then “Legacy Contact” and selecting one of your Facebook friends.  You can send them a pre-written message to notify them that they’ve been selected as your lucky legacy contact. Otherwise they may get a shock when they are notified by Facebook after your account is memorialised.


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