Huh, what were you saying?

25 Feb 2015

Neuroscientists have figured out a way to induce daydreaming. At the limbic we don’t need any help with staring out of the window, but it is kind of interesting to understand how and why our minds wander.

Huh, what was that? Oh yes, as we were saying. The researchers from London and Israel sent 47 innocents to boredom and back by asking them to hit the spacebar on a keyboard every time a number that appeared on the screen wasn’t a three for 40 minutes.

At the same time they electrically stimulated the prefrontal cortex of the brain and periodically asked the subjects what they were thinking about.

They discovered that stimulating the frontal lobes causes the mind to wander. So there you have it, blame it on your frontal lobes.



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