Diabetes-related amputations at an all time high

23 Jul 2015

Shocking figures obtained by Diabetes UK show that the number of diabetes-related amputations each week in England has reached an all-time high of 135 a week.

The analysis based on figures from Public Health England data show that the annual number of diabetes-related amputations in England is now more than 7,000, compared to the previous figure of 6,677.

In a campaign to highlight the scale of the issue Diabetes UK is displaying 135 shoes to represent the number of diabetes-related amputations a week. They have been donated from people who have had an amputation, supporters and celebrities and each has a personal message attached to it.

Barbara Young, Chief Executive of Diabetes UK, said while some areas were making efforts to improve diabetes footcare the figures were a stark reminder that there is still so much more to be done.

“Not enough people are receiving their annual foot check and those who do often tell us their check was not very thorough. This means they don’t understand their risk of amputation, how to look after their feet or the urgency of getting help if their foot deteriorates,” she said.

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